Rethink. Reconnect. Revitalize.

Sabina Perez headshot

Hafa Adai,

And welcome to my family, friends, supporters and interested community members!

For those who may know me from my activism that spans over a decade and that includes protecting the rights of water for the people of Guam, advocating for the human rights for self-determination of CHamorus, and most recently fighting to protect our natural resources and cultural sites, my bid to become senator of the 35th Guam Legislature is a long time coming.

My mission, "Rethink, Reconnect, Revitalize", is the practice that has aided my coming into political consciousness and one that I would like to share with the community in order to create a compassionate, sustainable, and flourishing society.

Rethinking requires learning and understanding the indigenous CHamoru perspective. CHamorus have developed a civilization and Oceanic culture that is unique and that have sustained us for over 3500 years on Guam and the Mariana islands. As with most indigenous societies, the experience of colonization has stripped us of our land, livelihood, cultural practices, and for some of us, our identity. Because of our colonial past of over 300 years and because Guam is currently an unincorporated territory or possession of the US, it is hard to believe that those living on Guam, indigenous and those who have made Guam home, have come unscathed.

Reconnecting means healing from historical trauma. It involves cultivating compassion for ourselves and others, engaging with each other with open hearts and minds, and appreciating our differences.

Revitalizing our community integrates rethinking and reconnecting that results in aligning our passions and purpose towards the common goal of building a sustainable society.

As your Senator, it is my mission to continue the practice of "Rethink, Reconnect, Revitalize". We need all sectors of our society: government, business, and the community to work together to overcome the crises that we face today.

Si Yu'os Ma'ase,